Aquamarine Space Unicorns was started in 2014 By Joyanna M as purely EDM music composed digitally. Their first LP, Go Go Go was released through the artist cooperative Arkay Artists in 2015. Later that year, Joyanna met Lily Bell on Twitter, and with Lily Bell’s vocals, they released three more LPs, and several singles. Many of the songs focused on Lily Bell’s traumatic escape from domestic violence, and other women’s issues. All of the LPs have tried to bring back the idea of an album as a cohesive whole. On their second LP, Winter Rose all of the songs were interleaved with recited poems that introduced each song, and a companion book Paintings and Poems of Joyanna M (ASIN: B01I5IXWW6)  was created with many of the poems on the album and paintings for each poem. Both Joyanna & Lily have gone on to be published writers, poets, and artists.

Aquamarine Space Unicorns is a studio-only band, as it would be too difficult to take on-stage and get the same quality of music as is produced in the studio.