Anartist Coming May 1st

Anartist Coming May 1st

We’re proud to announce our latest full-length album, and our second for this year, Anartist, to be released on May 1st. We will be performing selections from the album, and other craziness along with Blevin Blectum and DJ Veins at the Vermillion Art Gallery in Seattle. For those that can’t wait, you can pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp on April […]

Minor AF coming January 9

Minor AF coming January 9

Aquamarine Space Unicorns is proud to announce their latest album ‘Minor AF’ to be released on January 9, 2019. This album returns to the original sound of the first LP ‘Go, Go, Go’ being mostly instrumental. Two songs, ‘Tinderbox’ and ‘Exit Sign’ feature the wonderful Lily Bell singing. The album is also the basis of a new live show, the […]

Review of She Persisted (The Brink) by Samuel Fox

A review of She Persisted (The Brink) in Five:2:One magazine by Samuel Fox. “This album is a trippy, star-glittering, feministic recount of this infamous year. The duo pours their ideals as well as their passion into this encompassing work and what it means to use art to protest, as all art is political whether or not we recognize the […]

New Bandcamp listing

Just in time for our release of She Persisted (The Brink), we have created Bandcamp listings for our last two LPs. We will be adding our previous LPs and singles as we have time. From Bandcamp, you will be able to buy digital copies of our albums, as well as limited edition CDs and other goodies. Click here to see […]

CD Release date approaching!

January 9 will be our release date for She Persisted (The Brink). You will be able to stream it on streaming services like Spotify and YouTube, and download the tracks on iTunes and Amazon. We feel this is our most artistically conceived LP yet, while attacking the social injustices and issues that still haunt our society. While many of the […]

ASU Interviewed

We were interviewed by the awesome Nadia Gerassimenko in Luna Luna Magazine. If you ever wanted to know what makes unicorns tick, here’s your chance.

Help us publish our 5th studio LP

Our 5th studio LP is in the final stages, but we still need your help to get published. Please consider contributing and you can get a limited edition CD and companion book.

Working on a new album

We are working on our 5th studio album, tentatively titled She Persisted. We hope to give voice to voiceless, and hope to the hopeless. The eponymous track for the album is a reminder to white men that have yet to become aware of their privilege┬áthat their white skin, and ‘that thing between your legs’ doesn’t give you extra rights. We […]